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My name is Samantha Knott. 

My photographic career began in 2010 in Brighton, England. Most of my work from that time was creative self-portraiture. Several of my pieces have received international acclaim. If you are interested, you can read more about this 


In 2012 I moved to the Netherlands to follow my passion for horses. It was at this time that I started hobby photography of horses. I am a fully qualified ORUN instructor and have ridden 2 horses at ZZL.  I have also groomed for international level riders, show jumped at the national championships and taken part in international demonstrations with mounted skills art arms, riding in front of crows of thousands with sword and lance. This experience has given me a great inside into the breath and depth of the equestrian world. It also helps me to work with a diverse range of horses and owners, to create the perfect equestrian portrait of their horse. 

I believe in continued growth and inspiration - I therefore frequently attend masterclasses, creative days, and training courses  - and I don't just limit myself in those development opportunities to equestrian photography. I believe what makes my photography unique is that Ib bring techniques from other photography fields into my horse portraits. Recent courses include studio lighting in Newcastle, England; painterly portraits in Utrecht, Netherlands and minimalistic neutral density landscape photography in Venice, Italy. If you look at my work - you can see these influences in my development.

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