Every horse is a piece of art. I marvel at the beauty, power and grace of these animals. I like you, am in awe.

My portraiture  work sets them in the spotlight. I have years of experiences with horses, working both as an instructor and as a groom as well as having achieved high levels in dressage with multiple horses. My knowledge of the horse, and my years of experience working with different types of equines and their owns helps me to bring out the best character of each equestrian model, be it a Grand Prix dressage horse, a just broken western pony, or a retiring breeding mare. Each horse has a story to tell. In my portraits I am to tell that story, and freeze the moment that they are in. 

Most of my portraits are taken with studio lighting in daylight. Subtile purposeful inclusion of clouds and background allows me to frame the horse without detracting from the real focus of the piece - the horse itself. I am often asked whether horses have difficulty with the studio lights, in my experience this is not a problem. I work one on one with my clients, people and horses. This allows me to give full time and attention to bringing the portrait together naturally, and finding precisely the right moment to capture the image. I never take multiple shoots on one day unless they are all part of the same family. Working under pressure is not something that leads to quality results, particularly when working with animals. 

Equestrian Portrait sessions start at €125-

All sessions include a Fine Art print.  The quality of these images, in terms of depth of colours , textures on each hair and blade of grass, glance in the eye - cannot truly be appreciated on a computer. I work with top quality printers, on fine art paper. 

If you want more information you can request a brochure.